Rick Wallington

Rick Wallington

Rick Wallington


Amateur photographer since I was in ‘short trousers’ with a deep fascination in photography which stemmed from my late father’s obsession with lenses, light meters, tripods. He had a vast collection of photography books which I used to ‘steal’, put up my jumper and take to my box room!
At 20  something I had already invested in an Olympus OM10 SLR from the camera exchange in Southampton, with my then girlfriend insisting I also buy a telephoto lens and wide angle. By this time I was hooked.
Three years ago I picked up another camera this time a DLSR 850d Canon as well as a broken Nikon, I wasn’t inspired by mainstream, but un-conventional parameters ..getting into positions that weren’t normal.
But hey , how can I be normal when I attempt to steer the Puddings!

Fern and Sun

When the elements reach nature.

Leaf in Railing

Solitary Leaf

A solitary leaf sitting on a railing in Greenwich Park, London.

Converse Boot


Greenwich Foot Tunnel

My fascination with angles. Three quarters of a mile of nothing!

Dog Reflection

Reflecting Dog

Do I need to say more?