Who Are We, What Are We, & What Do We Do?

The Pudding’s started in 2016 as an image sharing portal to enable people to connect to their friends & family across the United Kingdom. Our Founder had also been to visit a very Famous Gallery in London, and found it totally detached, pompous and disconnected!

His vision was to make Art & Photography available to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or talent.

On exiting the Gallery, he got talking to two caricaturists who ‘blew him away’ with their skills & ideas for creating a group for emerging artists & new talent.  He jumped on the train and a Facebook group and twitter feed was created.


4 years later, the affectionately known ‘IP’ (Image Pudding), is now at 4k members, operating globally & on all platforms, but hey why stop there!

in 2018 The Pudding Group were invited to visit Great Ormond Street Hospital to start talks for an ‘IP’ for Children. At first we were a little unsure, the concept being Children draw / paint/ craft & post on parents phones/ tablets. This would encourage parents to spend time with their children, stimulating creativity and creating strong bonds with their Schools too!

In 2018 Scribble Pudding was born. Although still in the early stages, it is building steadily .


2020 and Media Pudding! Why would anyone need a full service Digital Agency? Having a new website built is one thing, maintaining it is quite another. Running one Social media again is one thing, but 6?! And what about finding daily content!

At Media Pudding we do just that, we take the reins, create, guide, build & manage it, but more importantly get you ranked on all the MAJOR search engines. Think you are amazing on Instagram and Facebook? Great, we leave that to you & take the rest.

Have the ideas for the website but don’t know how to write ‘Copy’? Yes, we do that too, even down to daily blogging!


Network Pudding is all about…you guessed it…NETWORKING! It’s a place to promote yourself and your business. Come along. Check us out. Share what you do! Perhaps meet others local to you, in the flesh!