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‘The only independent art and photography platform in the world.’ ~ Rick Wallington, Founder.

The Pudding’s started in 2016 as an image sharing portal to enable people to connect to their friends & family across the United Kingdom. Our Founder had also been to visit a very Famous Gallery in London, and found it totally detached, pompous and disconnected!

His vision was to make Art & Photography available to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or talent.

On exiting the Gallery, he got talking to two caricaturists who ‘blew him away’ with their skills & ideas for creating a group for emerging artists & new talent.  He jumped on the train and a Facebook group and twitter feed were created.

Rick Wallington has written in national publications.

The Guardian

Kirsten’s website knowledge & understanding of design together with Rick’s Social Media strategy, seo & content writing , I wouldn’t go anywhere else, the price is value in itself !

Tanya Clarke

Nutritional Therapist, My Mushrooms


Our membership aims to give artists and photographers a way to showcase their work. We not only link their images from our website to their online selling space, but we also share their images and contact details across our Social Media platforms.

Meet the Team

Rick Wallington

Rick Wallington


Rick has worked in digital since '94- Lectured in Social Media at Uni of East Herts & Bucks & picked up A DipM.

Rick builds your social platforms from the ground up & creates the daily content for them using CMS, either by blogging, or daily posts, making sure every platform is satisfied & relevant.

Rick is also responsible for curating the Pudding Group and trying to steer the ship with:

Kirsten, Suyen ,Phil Bower,  Donato -  Europe - Mal Everett - Australia - Becky Ferrell -  North America -  Natalie Joy-South Africa.

Phil Bower

Phil Bower

Art Supplies

Phil Bower of Northwich Art Shop, in Cheshire UK, is a long time admin of Image Pudding on Facebook (he keeps you lot in check).

Phil is a businessman and sponsor of Image Pudding, a real powerhouse with a mountain of experience and expertise, and an all round good egg.

In the future we will be offering art supplies on V.I.P from Phil's store.

To connect with Phil on Facebook click the button below.

Suyen Talken Sinclair

Suyen Talken Sinclair

Sharing Pudding

Suyen is a writer of books, which you can find on Amazon as kindle or paperbacks. She is a member of the Pic of The Week panel on Image Pudding, as well as an admin.

She is also the brains behind Sharing Pudding, a brand new pudding to help artists and photographers with equipment, and issues in general.

Suyen works as an admin on both Media Pudding and Network Pudding, and also has her own Facebook presence.

Rick Wallington has given me some fantastic tips and helpful strategies to improve my social media visibility for Happyconfidentkids. Knowledgeable and ethical, I highly recommend them. Then you add the ethos of the Pudding Family and this organisation is amazing. Promoting collaboration, mental health, inclusion and generally building each other up in a community, a one of a kind! I'm humbled to be a part of this movement and hope that our connection goes from strength to strength.

Nikki Emerton

Happy Confident Kids

The Cherry On The Top

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Are You a Starving Artist?

Are You a Starving Artist?

Being a creative person, such as an artist or photographer can be tough, especially when you are trying to make a living from your creativity….ever heard of the starving artist?! Many famous artists only became famous after death. They created from poverty, making...