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Kirsten Ivatts

Kirsten Ivatts

Artist and Photographer

I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon in my hand. I drew every day, mostly animals, especially horses!

Over time my drawings became a way to earn extra money, drawing pet portraits.

Eventually I took up a camera and became interested in how I could change my photo graphs digitally so that they portrayed a different energy to the original piece.

Now I mainly photograph nature and turn it into a digital image inspired by art.

Float in Blue

Warrior of Love

A drawn image using acrylic markers, which was then enhanced digitally.


I took this photo on a trip into he stones at Stonehenge. Using filters I managed to create a feel of the energy I experienced there.


I took this photo at Cliveden House gardens. The Chrysanthemums there are amazing. I then used filters and took out all the background. The flower deserved to be centre stage.

Pink Poppy

An Opium Poppy from my garden. Filters created the lighting and the texture.

Bluebell Woods

Bluebells and anemones in my local woods in West Berkshire, UK.

Cat on a Log

My most bought image. My cat Gobbolino sitting on the log pile next to the fire.

Mountain Storm

This began life as an acrylic painting, in very different colours. I used filters from two different apps, and Photoshop to create a very different version.