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The Pudding’s started in 2016 as an image sharing portal to enable people to connect to their friends & family across the United Kingdom. Image Pudding was the first of the Pudding group. Our Founder, Rick Wallington had also been to visit a very Famous Gallery in London, and found it totally detached, pompous and disconnected!

His vision was to make Art & Photography available to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or talent.

On exiting the Gallery, he got talking to two caricaturists who ‘blew him away’ with their skills & ideas for creating a group for emerging artists & new talent.  He jumped on the train and a Facebook group and twitter feed was created.

Image Pudding now has more than 4K members on the original group, and a spin off gallery page where artists and photographers can showcase work they have for sale.

The original group is a great place for all artists, no matter your medium, no matter if you are a professional or an amateur, we want to see your creativity! If you take amazing photos, just for your own enjoyment, or create artwork for fun…share it with us!

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A Selection of Images From our Facebook Group.